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Ricardo Christie in Tahiti

Ricardo Christie in Tahiti

 Published 30 July 2015

Next stop - Teahupo'o Tahiti

The 7th stop on the 2015 WSL tour is Teahupo'o, Tahiti.  Last year’s contest was held in perfect 12 – 15 foot conditions and hopefully the waves will be perfect again this year to give Ric every chance. 


Teahupo'o Break Tahiti

Following his disappointing loss to Joel Parkinson in Round 2 of the J-Bay competition, Ric has slipped to 29th place on 8,950 points.  

Only the top 22 surfers will remain on tour next year.  Jordy Smith is currently holding that position, with 12,450 points so a solid result is needed by Ric at Teahupo'o to get back above the cut. 

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